17. jan 2022

Large-scale solar panel project in Engure

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Large-scale solar panel project in Engure

At the end of last year, SIA Unda in cooperation with the energy company AJ Power, Swedbank and the Rural Support Service (Lauku Atbalsta Dienests) started the implementation of a large-scale solar panel project in Engure. The project highlights how a fish processing company that continues to produce fish products in Engure according to the traditions established at the beginning of the last century is able to integrate modern and alternative green solutions into its production processes.


The project plans to install 630 solar panels on the ground with a total system capacity of 236 kW, which will produce at least 226,300 kWh per year for the company. All the produced green electricity will be used for the company's own consumption, which will provide close to 20% of the company's total electricity consumption. Work on the implementation of the solar panel project has already begun. The company is determined to complete the solar panel park as early as this spring, in the early stages of active solar panel production, in order to make better use of green energy in its production processes.


"We are a responsible entrepreneur and we care about sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. As stated in our environmental policy, we take responsibility for the direct impact of our operations on the environment. So far, we have been actively thinking about sustainability. In addition, it goes hand in hand with the European Union's climate policy, the European Green Course and the goal of climate neutrality in 2050. Terms such as green industry, energy efficiency, clean energy and pollution prevention are undeniably in line with our company philosophy. Of course, there are economic considerations that are no less important. Currently, there is an unprecedented energy crisis and energy prices are very high, so its solar panel park will significantly help to improve the company's competitiveness at the international level, ”comments Artūrs Bubišs, Chairman of the Board of SIA Unda.


The project is being implemented in cooperation with the energy company group AJ Power, Swedbank and the Rural Support Service. The total investment in the project is 165,460 EUR.


“Entrepreneurs who invest in sustainable solutions are the future of the Latvian economy. The fish processing company "Unda" perfectly shows that modern technologies can be integrated into traditional production. And Swedbank aims to be part of this transformation process, ”says Lauris Mencis, Head of Corporate Banking at Swedbank.


“We are really pleased to see Latvian companies that pay more and more attention to sustainable and environmentally responsible production processes. SIA "Unda" is an excellent example of how to organize its production processes, combining ancient traditions with the possibilities provided by modern technology, thus using resources responsibly and reducing the impact on the environment. We are confident that this project will support the further development of the company and give a competitive advantage in both local and international markets. We are aware that in the current rapidly changing energy market environment, it is important for companies to manage the risks associated with rising costs. By realizing the solar panel park, SIA “Unda” will be able to provide a part of the required electricity in the long run at a constant price. We are pleased that Swedbank has also been involved in financing this type of project, which opens up more opportunities for companies to implement renewable energy projects, ”says Roberts Samtiņš, head of the energy group AJ Power.


"Every project that achieves sustainable goals is a value of the Rural Support Service. SIA "Unda" is a company that has been able to continue its growth and find new outlets for the fishing industry even in less simple times. That it is possible? If there is an economically viable idea, the management that makes every effort to implement it and the employees who implement it. The RSS's cooperation with the company has always been very successful, so we hope that in the future the company will continue to work just as successfully and implement new projects, ”admits Ģirts Krūmiņš, Director of the Rural Support Service.



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