Historical Heritage

The legend has been reborn

To honor the achievements of our predecessors, we have created a series of Diplomats Historical Heritage products that embody all our experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.
  • Smoked Sprats in Unrefined Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive oil 160g
  • Smoked Sprats with Slice of Lemon in Unrefined Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive oil 160g
  • Smoked Sprats with Bay Leaf in Unrefined Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive oil 160g
  • Diplomats Historical Heritage Gift box

How do we make these special Historical Heritage series sprats

  • Only the best cold season fish is carefully selected
  • Traditionally smoked with natural wood chips to become perfectly golden
  • Heads and tails are removed. Each precious fish is gently and accurately packed in the can by hand.
  • Sip of sea salt and only the highest quality Unrefined Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive oil is added.
  • For special taste lovers we offer versions with a slice of lemon and a bay leaf.

Our History

Our great story begins!
The first fish canning factory was built in Engure by the order of well known at the time confectionery and canned fish manufacturer "L.W. Goegginger".
Another confectionery and canned fish manufacturer "Lankovsky & Liccop" becomes the owner of Engure fish canning factory.
Engure fish canning factory becomes the exclusive owner of "Diplomats" brand
Fishermen's cooperative society "Engures Zvejnieks" (Engure Fishermen) bought Engure fish canning factory.
Local fishermen decided to establish a collective farm "Padomju Zvejnieks" (Soviet Fisherman).
Most of the catch was given to the Engure fish canning factory.
The port of Engure is being expanded and deepened with state support. This opens up opportunities for the industry to grow and expand.
A new extension was built to the factory and three new autoclaves were installed. A "Quernerbrook" smoking furnace was installed.
Because of the excellent quality, the products were mainly exported to foreign countries - Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and other.
The rodding area is being reconstructed - concrete floors are built, second "Quernerbrook" smoking furnace was installed.
The workshop continues to specialize in the production of smoked sprats and smoked fish products, where it has undoubtedly become one of the best.
Sprats production was organized according to a new technological method, which allows to ensure even better quality of raw materials and improve exporting opportunities to new markets.
75 people are employed - production manager, 2 laboratory assistants, 3 foremen and 70 workers. One of the best employees of the factory is smoker Deonisijs Bogdanovs.
The best fish smoker competition is organized by the "Latvian fish industry" in Roja. The first place in this competition was won by our smoking operator - Deonisijs Bogdanovs.
The Engure fish canning factory is purchased by the collective farm "Padomju Zvejnieks" (Soviet Fisherman). A modern cold stock has also been built, which can accommodate up to 1,000 tons of fish. An ice production unit has been installed.
"Padomju Zvejnieks" (Soviet Fisherman) received a Soviet Union-level order to produce and supply the highest quality products to the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia and Mongolia. The factory has coped with this task with honor, clearly attesting to the excellent quality of the products produced.
A new factory reconstruction project has been started. Production of fish pate begins. The product is fully mastered in a short time and becomes a favorite of buyers.
A new and spacious cold stock has been put into operation.
The first stage of the factory reconstruction is completed - production equipment has been replaced, new production lines are operating, working conditions for the factory employees have been significantly improved.
The renovation of packing area has been completed. The old part of production facility is connected with the new one. A boiler house has also been built, which supplies heat also to the entire town of Engure.
New refrigeration equipment has been installed.
Independence of Latvia is being restored and "Padomju Zvejnieks" (Soviet fisherman) ceased to exist. The company was given its current name - Unda.
For the first time in the company's history, production was organized in 2 shifts.
Unda is one of the founders of the "Latvian Fishermen's Association" and "Riga Sprats Association".

In the photo Jānis Kārkliņš - manager of Engure canned fish production plant, later founder and long-term chairman of "Unda".
Unda becomes one of the first companies in the industry to be able to export its products to European Union countries.
Two Baltic type fishing vessels were purchased - Unda and Kate.
The "Latvian Fishermen's Union" is founded, which unites the leading Latvian fish industry companies with the main activity - production of canned fish products. "Unda" becomes one of the members of this union.
The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia presents award "For the implementation of the principles of good governance in business and efficient financial management" to "Unda".

In the photo Juris Bubišs - owner and long-term chairman of "Unda" Ltd.
Registration of the "Diplomats" brand was renewed. Full product and logo re-design followed.
A new automatic glass jar line is installed, which opens up new opportunities for product development.
Unda was recognized as the winner in the nomination "Company of the Year in Fish Processing"
Diplomats Fried Brisling Sardines series packaging is recognized as the best commercial packaging for food products in 2022
The first Diplomats concept store in the world was opened in Engure.

All three products of the Historical Heritage series have won prestigious awards in the international Baltic Taste Awards competition - one silver and two bronze medals
The development of the company continues with great energy and commitment. We are constantly expanding and improving our operations, hiring new professionals and continuing to write new pages of history.



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