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Employee discount card

Employee discount card

SIA Unda Employee Discount Card

After the probation period ends, SIA "Unda" employees can receive an Employee Discount Card, which provides discounts on purchases at SIA "Unda" retail locations "Diplomats":

  • In Engure, Labiešu Street 2
  • In Riga, Tērbatas Street 14


Discounts apply only to products manufactured by SIA "Unda" (canned fish):

  • Diplomats Gourmet series products: 10% discount.
  • Other Diplomats canned fish: 30% discount.
  • All other products available in the store: 5% discount.

Important Information

  • Discounts do not accumulate.
  • The employee client card must not be transferred to third parties.
  • Employees are prohibited from purchasing products with the employee discount for commercial use.
  • To receive the discount, present the discount card before starting the purchase.


  • The employee discount card is not a payment card and under no circumstances may it be transferred to other persons.
  • The card is the property of SIA "Unda". Upon termination of employment with SIA "Unda", the employee is required to return the card to the company. Its use after the termination of employment is prohibited.
  • In case of loss or discovery of the card, please inform SIA "Unda". Phone: 63181117, email:,



    Tel. (+371) 63181117
  • Production facility

    Juras street 60, Engure
    Engure parish, Tukums district,
    LV-3113, Latvia
  • Office

    Miera street 61/1 – 5a
    Riga, LV-1013


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