Bruscettas with Cream Cheese and Diplomats "Smokets"

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Bruscettas with Cream Cheese and Diplomats "Smokets"


Ciabatta light 1 pc

Cream butter 100 g

Hemp seeds 10 g

Pickled onions 40 g

Capers small 40 g

Cream cheese 120 g Diplomat "Smokets" - smoked herring fillet pieces in oil 160g



First cut the ciabatta bread into 1.5 cm slices. Chop the hemp seeds with a mortar and pestle. Keep the butter at room temperature so that it is soft and easy to mix with the hemp seeds. Heat a pan with a very small amount of vegetable oil. Melt the prepared hemp butter in the pan, melt the butter, put the slices of ciabatta on the pan and wait for it to become crispy.


When serving, place the uncooked side of the bun down, the crispy surface up. Finely chop the capers and onions until almost pasty. Mix it with the cream cheese. The resulting mass is spread on ciabats. Put delicious pieces of smoked herring fillet on top. Serve with stallions and quinoa grains.


Bon appetite!



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